Terms and Conditions

Before you proceed to shop at Bangkoksextoy, it is essential for you to go through our terms and conditions. Once you are aware of these conditions, there won’t be any complications in the ordering process. Have a look:

  • Bangkoksextoy is strict about selling products to users who are 18 and above. While ordering, one must specify his/her age limit. Failing to quality the right age limit will result in order cancellation.


  • In case you do not get the right product from our end, do let us within 48 hours. Failing to report within this time slot will result in order cancellation.


  • If there is any product damaged from our end, we will definitely take a request for replacement. Since the damage is caused by us, we will take the responsibility to provide you a perfect replacement. But we will not refund the money in any way.


  • All our products sold here are fresh and imported. We do not accept to sell any used product. Even if the customer requests for replacing a used product, we will not accept it.


  • We are against using our products for any sort of commercialization. Instead, we aim to fulfill the personal needs of our customers. All we ensure is sexual wellness amongst everyone. This is why recommend using our products only for personal use.


  • If the customer causes any damage to the product, Bangkoksextoy will not stand answerable. Accordingly, we will not take any return request for products damaged by the customer.