Faqs By Delivery

Do you deliver only in Bangkok?

Bangkoksextoy delivers orders to not only in Bangkok but to other cities in Thailand. One can be present in any city and order. We make sure that all our orders are delivered in the right time at the customer’s doorstep. Wherever we deliver, we first make sure that the address provided is correct, and accordingly, we process the order as per the location.

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Do you promise to deliver an order with confidentiality?

Bangkoksextoy is extremely cautious about each and every order it delivers. Keeping in mind the customer’s confidentiality, we do the packing minutely so that there is no damage caused. Most importantly, we never mention product details on the package. All we specify is the name of the customer and his/her address. In this manner, we sustain confidentiality while making the delivery.

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Do you deliver orders to all over the world?

Bangkoksextoy works with the most reputed courier service providers. Hence, it ships its products all over Thailand and other parts of the world. Once we receive the orders, we start processing as soon as possible with the help of our courier service provider. Since we work with all reputed courier service providers, we take no time to deliver orders.

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