Faqs By Privacy

Is there anything to worry about legal formalities while shopping from your store?

Bangkoksextoy works in the most legalized manner. It involves in no 3rd party or illegal activities. This is maintained so that we can sustain our reputation for years to come. Instead, we follow all legal procedures while sending our orders or making payments. Most importantly, our online store is not at all fake and we conduct business all over India and even at Asian countries. Keeping customers happy and satisfied is our prime objective and we would keep this commitment forever. 

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Why shall I share my details with your store?

Bangkoksextoy is crystal clear about its intentions. All information it needs from its customers are valid and legal. These information are used for multiple purposes like processing orders, updating them about the order status and intimating them about the delivery. Even if it comes to accepting orders or sending out details to customers, it requires data from customers for their safety. We are also required to send notifications to customers. Hence, we require one’s email ID, phone number etc. for verification and convenience.

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Is your privacy policy strong enough to consider?

Bangkoksextoy has its own privacy policy. Each and every aspect we lay down in our policy is maintained and accepted by all our users. Moreover, the privacy policy we have is keeping up with the customer’s safety and goodwill. We always keep asking our customers to go through our privacy policy prior to making any sort of purchase.

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