Faqs By About Payment

How safe it is to pay online to your store?

Bangkoksextoy assures the highest standards of security when it comes to making payments. One can pay through his Debit or Credit card. The option of PayPal is also available. All these payment modes are quite safe and reliable. One can choose to pay with whichever payment method the user finds convenient. One will have no risks or complications with any of these payment methods while shopping at Bangkoksextoy.

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Do you accept payments from all over the world?

Bangkoksextoy is flexible to accept payments from people ordering across the globe. One can be anywhere in Bangkok or any city in Thailand or any other country and process payments. Moreover, the payment modes we accept are all genuine and do not involve any hidden scheme or cost. Hence, each and every transaction initiated at Bangkoksextoy is safe and legal. For any information or query, we have our customer care executives to help all the time.

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Will I be able to pay from anywhere in Bangkok at your store?

Yes, one can be anywhere in Bangkok and make payments with ease. It doesn’t matter from which city you are, be it Phuket, Pattaya, Udon Thani or Nontha Buri, you can pay with no worries. One can shop from any Thai city and process payment. For more information, you can always get in touch with our customer care exectutives.

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